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This is the story of a Native American student named Martin Acuna and his white teacher, Jessica Janeseck. Most public school teachers in America--...

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When Richard Newman accepted at job at the World Health Organization in Guatemala in the late 70s, he never expected to get mixed up in the country...

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Caption: Fatima and Her Daughter, Rana
Fatima Alsamawi, a recent immigrant to the United States from Iraq, experiences the sweet freedom of driving for the first time.

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Caption: Couch's Spadefoot Toads, Credit: Cecil Schwalbe
When summer monsoons come to the southwest, abundant runoff leads to major problems for cities—streets flood and temporary ponds appear that serve ...

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When our cat Cake disappeared, we immediately suspected our elderly neighbor, Mary. This story was created for the Third Coast ShorDocs Challenge 2...

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Al Perry, Tucson country singer, is running for president. His middle name is Richard, so he registered himself as Al "Dick" Perry on the Arizona R...

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This is a story about two women who attempt to adopt a baby from an abortion clinic. Things don't go exactly as planned, and they end up in over th...

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Caption: City High School students Grace and A watch the President, Credit: Sarah Bromer
Teenagers at City High School in downtown Tucson share their reactions to the tragic shooting on January 8, 2011. (Long and short version)

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