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Review of Julian Bond on Race in America

As a UVA alum, I listened to this with great interest. It made me wish I had taken Bond's class while at UVA. Just a well produced interview, clearly presented, well edited, with a certain depth. As white, educated, and fascinated by race in America, I felt like the program was well geared to me. I learned a little bit about Bond's personal history and the civil rights movement and then the interview turned to a quick surface discussion of race today. Sarah McConnell picked current and important topics on which Bond had something to say. Bond is clever and engaging, never at a lost for words; he is politically engaged but willing to explore truth with a degree of self-criticism. I was probably most interested in his comments on Trent Lott and parameters concerning the use of racially offensive language.

Note: I wrote this review in the Fall of 2005. As of fall of 2006, I am now working for With Good Reason as Associate Producer. I will leave the review up for now, as I stand by it, and believe it might be useful to stations. -JPD