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Review of RN Documentary: Imagination is the Instrument of Compassion

This is telling and profoundly beautiful piece about art responding to tragedy and horror. The opening music with the lone child's voice in repetition is simply stunning. There has been some music, some stage plays
about September 11th but not as much as one would think. The fear from artists is criticism that it's too soon to have any perspective. Any artwork responding to the horror would be scrutinized under a microscope. But as Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer responds, writing a book that might be called bad is better than not writing at all. "Imagination is the Instrument of Compassion" is worthy of airplay not just on the 9/11 anniversary. Producer David Swatling has artfully blended the intricate John Adam's score with Feor's interview and insightful excerpts from his book in this very compassionate and enlightening piece.