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Review of Greed

One more proof that we don't live in a perfect world was revealed to us a couple of years ago when Skoglund was kicked off the radio in Maine. There may have been some valid reasons behind all this, but when a homegrown voice emerges from the St. George peninsula and can't find a place on the radio, something's not working. When I lived in Maine, I enjoyed The Humble Farmer in context--these essays would pop up in the midst of his Gypsy Jazz show and it made me feel like I was one of the few who get to share in a secret treasure. I'm not saying they didn't get a little corny sometimes--but groaning at the Humble Farmer is part of the experience. Now that he's off the radio in Maine, I can imagine these essays as drop-ins for the last 3 minutes of Morning Edition, or interstitials when your station is transitioning from jazz to classical program or some such. I can imagine dentists and lawyers hearing it and thinking: "What was that?"--chuckling, groaning, and feeling recognition when they here another one the next week. I can also imagine backwoods (or urban) philosphers in the bayou, dessert, mountains, or left coast recognizing a kindred spirit from a different place and wanting to get a little more involved in their local station. Skoglund will add a little more familiarity to your station.