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Review of Bridging the Shores: The Hmong-American Experience

This is important, thorough and well-produced reportage on the Hmong Community. Long in the background of mainstream America, the Hmong are poised to enter a more prominent presence. Clint Eastwood's soon-to-be new movie is even based on a Hmong storyline. Wisconsin Public Radio is to be praised for showing as many viewpoints and perspectives in this one hour from contemporary hip-hop Hmong to a rising star in the political world to everyday Hmongs making choices about which traditions to keep. The news magazine approach lends itself well to covering such a wide variety of topics. My only criticism is that a couple of the reporters would do well to sound less FM annoucerish and more engaged in the story they're they're telling. But that's a small observation. This is fine work and I urge all stations around the with Hmong populations (and there are many) to air this program. It would help mainstream listeners to understand the complexities and differences of this Asian community.