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Review of My Future Self, Age 30

So they'll still be writing letters 30 years in the future? That's a relief. If I understand it, this woman will be doing "something important enough that you'll all know about it" in 30 years which will consist of "doing stuff" that's "not really important" and "trying to find work that's not 9-to-5" and having "commitments, but whatever." Huh? I don't get it. Is this -- this conversation that I'm hearing, this letter I'm hearing her read -- is this what she's going to be? Is this what she hopes to avoid? Is there something that the editor "got" about this piece that I missed? Am I too dumb to get it? Too old? I'm sorry, this to me was two dull kids talking on the phone. I'm tempted to call that number in London that the guy gives and see who answers.