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Review of Fiat 500 Fan

Cute use of music. But I have to say ... You know how sometimes someone tells you a story, and they're laughing while they tell it, and then they notice that you're looking at them with a quizzical look and they say "Well I guess you had to be there"? That's how I felt listening to this piece. The reporter obviously thought there was something magical or interesting or unusual about this old car. But as I listener, I feel that she doesn't do enough to "show" me the car. We have to take her word for it that this car is in-some-way unusual or interesting or magical. I'm not saying the piece needs to be narrated. Maybe if she has some tape of someone explaining better what's so unusual about this car. It's an old car. And ... ? For some reason it reminds people in Berlin of "being on holiday." Why? There seems to be the start of a delightful piece here. But as it stands I find it very confusing.