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Compiled By: Sandra Sleight-Brennan

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First Love

From Dmae Roberts | 03:41

Vox collage with men and women of various ages talking about their first love.

First Love
Dmae Roberts

Love_small I first did this vox collage in 1986 and it aired at the end of All Things Considered. It's very romantic, sweet and funny and set to "I Only Have Eyes For You..." (the old 50's version) Appropriate for Valentine's Day.

What's the Word? Women Warriors

From Modern Language Association | Part of the What' s the Word? - A series of half-hour programs to celebrate Women's History Month in March series | 29:54

From Joan of Arc to GI Jane--a look at women warriors.

Whatswordlogodc_medium_small From the Greek goddess Athena to the classic comic book character Zena and from Joan of Arc to GI Jane, history, mythology, and contemporary literature and film offer many images of women warriors. Susan Crane takes us back to the Middle Ages with a look at Joan of Arc and the transcripts of her trial for heresy; Shirley Geok-lin Lim talks about Maxine Hong Kingston's book _The Woman Warrior_; and Yvonne Tasker explores the portrayal of a female naval officer in Ridley Scott's 1997 film, _GI Jane_. Fifteen- and thirty-second promos available. If you are interested in this, see our pieces at: http://prx.org/pieces/16877 What's the Word? Elizabeth I and Victoria http://prx.org/pieces/16919 What's the Word? Pride and Prejudice http://prx.org/pieces/16838 What's the Word? Medieval Women http://prx.org/pieces/17295 What's the Word? Women Public Intellectuals

All In Time

From Sarah Boothroyd | 25:01

Guided by science and science fiction, All In Time traverses the timeless mystery of time itself.

All_in_time_-_credit_paulo_martel_small NOTE: you can listen to the stereo .wav version of this piece at: http://sarahboothroyd.com/artwork/2053112_ALL_IN_TIME.html


The clock ticks; the moon waxes; the autumn leaves turn crimson. Time is as ubiquitous as it is elusive. Guided by science and science fiction, All In Time traverses the timeless mystery of time itself.

This 25-minute work won the 2011 Luc Ferrari International Broadcast Arts Competition, won a 2011 Gold World Medal for Best Sound at the New York Festivals Radio Programming Awards, and was shortlisted for the 2011 Phonurgia Nova Prize.

All In Time was commissioned by La Muse En Circuit in Paris (Centre National de Création Musicale), with the support of Radio Suisse Romande, Deutschlandradio Kultur, RTBF Musiq 3, Groupe de Recherches Musicales, and Radio-France.

In 2011 All In Time was broadcast on Radio Suisse Romande in Switzerland; on Deutschlandradio Kultur in Germany; on Swedish Radio Channel 2; on TIK ArtRadio Days in Slovakia; on The Radius (New York), WKXR (New York), WMUA (Massachusetts), KUT (Texas), and KFAI (Minnesota) in the U.S.A.; and on over 40 radio stations around the world, thanks to the Radiophonic Creation Day Festival and the Future Places Festival.

This independent production was also published on two CDs – Deep Wireless VIII and Concours d'art radiophonique Luc Ferrari: Composer Le Réel – and was featured in several online publications; including Transom.org, Public Radio Remix Blog, Third Coast International Audio Festival, Syntone, InStereoPress, Girrlsound, and Infinity's Kitchen.

In 2011, All In Time was also presented in spatialized, octophonic format at the Archipel Contemporary Music Festival in Switzerland; at Festival Extension XI and the Prix Phonurgia Nova Concert in France; at Netaudio London in the U.K.; at the Ohrenhoch Sound Art Gallery in Germany; at the Deep Wireless Festival (Toronto) and Canadian Electroacoustic Community Anniversary Concert (Vancouver) in Canada; and at the PNEM Festival in The Netherlands.

Written, recorded, edited and mixed by Sarah Boothroyd, special thanks are extended to physics maven Peter Watson; to antique clock collector Georges Royer; to Travis Morgan and Dokashiteru for providing Creative Commons samples; and to Himan and Melina Brown for permitting the use of CBS Radio Mystery Theatre clips.

To read more about this production please visit
http://thirdcoastfestival.org/library/1009-all-in-time?closed=true, and

Copyright: All Rights Reserved

Bon Voyage

From Julia Scott | 23:00

A dying man and his husband try to meet death in style.

Bon Voyage
Julia Scott

RAVE REVIEW: The Guardian calls BON VOYAGE "Vivid and beautifully told
... A tremendous listen: you felt as if you knew both subjects within moments, and got an insight into the hardest moments a relationship will face."

Paul Perkovic and his husband, Eric Trefelner, have lived in style for 36 years. When they find out that Paul has inoperable pancreatic cancer, they decide he should go out in style, too. Eric plans a lavish, quarter million-dollar "Bon Voyage" party at a fine arts museum in San Francisco. Paul and Eric aren't just planning a party; they're trying to choreograph a death. But when relationship breakdowns developm that neither man expects, the couple discovers that death has its own agenda. BON VOYAGE brings the listener along on the intimate, emotional journey of a same-sex couple coping with mortality.

STORY UPDATE : Paul Perkovic died November 26, 2012, in Eric Trefelner's arms at their home in Montara, Calif.

PRODUCER Julia Scott is an award-winning radio producer, journalist and essayist based in San Francisco. She produces documentaries and news features for several nationally syndicated programs. Her previous work is archived at www.juliascott.net .

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Anne Donohue is Associate Professor of Journalism at Boston University. She was the special projects editor at Monitor Radio for five years, and has also been a contributor to NPR, the BBC, WGBH, WBUR and other public radio programs.

BON VOYAGE is part of Real America, a series from the BBC World Service that enlisted four American producers to tell stories found only in America.

The Witches of Lublin

From Sue Zizza | 58:30

(this 58:30 program is the final version) Lublin, Poland, 1797: While they prepare for Passover, a family of Jewish women klezmer musicians struggles for survival, but when music and love prove not enough, only the unthinkable can save them. Starring Tovah Feldshuh (and hosted by Sound & Spirit's Ellen Kushner).
For information on scheduling Passover programming visit http://www.thewitchesoflublin.com/stations.html


Set in the Passover season, "The Witches of Lublin," is directed by internationally acclaimed and award-winning Sue Zizza, with script by Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom.

Featuring haunting vocals and an original high energy klezmer score by Yale Strom, "The Witches of Lublin," offers a glimpse into the lost Jewish women's lives of Eastern Europe.

With a story as ancient as myth, and as modern as every family that struggles to hold its center in a world of strife and conflicting loyalties, it's the perfect Spring holiday programming.