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  • Username: SBoothroyd
  • Independent Producer
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Independent
  • Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Chance (13:30)
From: Sarah Boothroyd

This impressionistic audio work explores randomness, chance, and luck through the microcosm of the racetrack.
Caption: Gleeful Barbarians, Credit: Sarah Boothroyd

Gleeful Barbarians (05:42)
From: Sarah Boothroyd

Gleeful Barbarians features very silly noises, nearly-indecipherable toddler chitchat, and 27 different ways a two-year-old can say 'no.'
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Rabble Rousers (28:00)
From: Sarah Boothroyd

Touching on ethics, justice, democracy, and global citizenship, Rabble Rousers explores the notion of protest as a spontaneous installation of improvised 'music' in public space.
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Now (01:00)
From: Sarah Boothroyd

Now is a one-minute exploration of the elusive nature of nowness.
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All In Time (25:01)
From: Sarah Boothroyd

Guided by science and science fiction, All In Time traverses the timeless mystery of time itself.

About Me


Canadian Sarah Boothroyd studied visual art and costume design on her way to a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a master's degree in broadcast journalism. This eclectic background informs her diverse approach to audio work, as she combines a plurality of sources, drawing on the devices and techniques of film, music, literary arts, and theatre.

Boothroyd's audio work has been broadcast on over 50 radio stations around the world, and is available on over a dozen CD compilations. Her work has been presented by broadcasters, galleries, festivals and conferences in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, and beyond.

Boothroyd's talents have been recognized in competitions held by the New York Festivals Radio Programming Awards, the Third Coast International Audio Festival, New Adventures in Sound Art, the European Broadcasting Union, La Muse en Circuit, CBC Radio, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Ontario Press Council, the National Film Board of Canada, the National Screen Institute, and the San Francisco Women’s Film Festival.


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Sarah is currently available for new projects and is available to travel .


  • Field Recording
  • Editing
  • Reporting
  • Podcast Production: Moderate to High
  • Writing
  • Video production; editing and recording sound for video

Available For

  • Consulting
  • Field Recording
  • Documentary Production
  • Interviewing
  • Tape Syncs
  • Sound Editing
  • Video production; editing and recording sound for video


  • Specialized Mics
  • Recording Studio
  • Adobe Audition
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Audiomulch
  • Sony Soundforge
  • FL Studio 9
  • Zoom H4n recorder

Work Experience

Previously Aired On

CBC Radio, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Chicago Public Radio, WFMU and WRPI in New York, Deutschlandradio Kultur in Germany, RNE-Radio 3 in Spain, BBC Radio 4 and Resonance FM in the U.K, Radio Suisse Romande in Switzerland, FBI Radio in Australia, etc.


Carleton University, Masters of Journalism

McGill University, Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy

University of British Columbia, Bachelor's Degree in Education


  • Gold World Medal, Best Editing, New York Festivals Radio Programming, 2014
  • Gold World Medal, Best Editing, New York Festivals Radio Programming, 2013
  • Silver World Medal, Best Sound, New York Festivals Radio Programming, 2013
  • Production Grant to Media Arts Professionals, Canada Council for the Arts, 2012
  • World Gold Medal, Best Sound, New York Festivals Radio Programming, 2011
  • Travel Grant for Media Arts Professionals, Canada Council for the Arts, 2011
  • Production Grant to Media Arts Professionals, Ontario Arts Council, 2010
  • Bronze World Medal, History, New York Festivals Radio Programming - History, 2010
  • Luc Ferrari International Radio Arts Competition and Commission, La Muse En Circuit, 2010
  • Best Short Documentary, Awarded by the San Francisco Women’s Film Festival for “Down and Derby”, 2009
  • Third Coast ShortDocs Award, Awarded by the Third Coast International Audio Festival for “Forest to Desert”, 2008
  • Fraser MacDougall Journalism Award, Awarded second-place prize by the Ontario Press Council , 2008
  • Christoph Lehmann-Halens Memorial Award, Carleton University scholarship awarded based on academic standing and demonstrated interest and commitment to issues of disarmament, environmental protection and/or feminist concerns, 2008
  • European Broadcasting Union Award, One of four young documentary producers from around the world selected by the European Broadcasting Union to receive an Ake Blomstrom travel/subsidy grant to attend the International Features Conference in Bulgaria, 2008
  • Canadian Association of Journalists Awards, CAJ/CNW Student Award of Excellence for investigative journalism, 2007
  • Canadian Association of Broadcasters Scholarships, Winner of a Ruth Hancock Scholarship, 2006
  • CBC Radio British Columbia Student Journalism Awards, Kelleher Award for Best Short Form Radio Documentary and Mowatt Award for Best Long Form Radio Documentary, 2005

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