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Very nice and enriching

Very nice. I could see how this could be an enriching assignment. Thanks for sharing.

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Great Storytelling

I love the way they retell the story from beginning to end. And the imitation of the mother's response was probably perfect. I'll definitely share this w/my students. Again, the importance of having good storytellers to tell the story.

Comment for "Tanya Ward: A Triumph Over Addiction"

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Tanya's voice

I enjoyed this piece. One of my students reviewed it for a class assignment. I like the tone of the narrator. But mostly I like that Tanya is telling her own story!

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Quick Review of Dressy Girls

I like dry wit of the narrator. The content of this piece was a bit much, but unfortunately, this is what it's come to. We've seen the displays at the stores in the malls so it should not be all that frightening to hear the information coming from the teens.

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This was nice. Amazing how strong the story remains after all these years. I, too, would like to hear a follow up. I like the music interludes, the use of nat sound. Mostly, the LeAlan and Lloyd were quite engaging and conducted some very nice interviews.

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Good use of nat sound

I liked the way the nat sound was used in this feature. Good storytelling too.

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IBTH comment (deleted)

This was okay. I like the story of who grew up in what part of town. How many/most blacks are only so far removed from the projects. The sound quality is not that great, but ... you knew that.

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Good feature on hip hop from a woman's perspective

This was a nice piece. I enjoyed the music. The topic is the same and not much has changed, so in that regard the piece was not insightful. Still quite likable for me.

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A good look

This was nice. A variety of hip hop was featured. Some balance with negative and positive of the genre. Well delivered.