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Caption: Black Prairie plays a concert for 52 wolves at Wolf Haven sanctuary in Washington State., Credit: Carli Davidson
There's a music industry for pets out there. But what kind of music do animals like? A woman who studies how non-human creatures go mad throws conc...

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Caption: Will the woolly mammoth face another day?, Credit: Tyler Ingram
A group of scientists are now trying to bring extinct animals - like the woolly mammoth and passenger pigeon - back to life, in a movement called D...

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Caption: Biohackers grow their own ink from soil-dwelling bacteria., Credit: La Paillasse
What does it mean to live in a world where biotech is done for and by the people? How long might it be until we are all growing our own ink, laund...

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What does it mean to design technology that doesn't exist...yet? This type of design exists, and it takes its inspiration from Science Fiction. The...

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Caption: hard drive , Credit: CBC radio
Just how does the hard drive in your computer differ from the information storage system that is DNA? This is the story of the very real possibilit...

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Caption: Getting cultural theory out of the books and putting it into your ears!
The Tympanic Eclipse is an audio series that brings cultural theory out of its stuffy scholarly tomes, and puts it into your ears. Together with e...

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