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Independence Day

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In honor of Flag Day and the Fourth of July, the Smithsonian unveils the often misunderstood stories behind two of our nation's most famous flags: ...

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Caption: 4th of July on the National Mall July 4, 1993, Credit: Photo courtesy National Council for the Traditional Arts, July 4, 1993
A 4th of July special program free to all stations with music from Nina Simone, Randy Newman, Sly Stone and Jon Batiste, plus live performances fro...

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The theme of this special is a great fit for your programming needs in the days leading up to and the days following the July 4th holiday! This sel...

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Woodstock organizers, artists and audience members recall the 1969 music festival that rocked the world in more ways than one. Music and memories ...

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Think you know music? NPR music critic Tom Moon has found ten artists you probably don't know...but should.

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Caption: Phil at work, Credit: Sejan Yun
Bluegrass is a combination of many styles originating in America, Europe and Africa. But bluegrass is considered American. Ask bluegrass players wh...

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