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Caption: Laredo Police Department officer Joe Baeza in his patrol car., Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
In 2002, rampant border drug-related violence in Nuevo Laredo seriously changed the community in Laredo, on the U.S. side of the border. These days...

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Caption: Mohammed Al Bedaiwi joins the Imam for evening prayer., Credit: Photo by Ruxandra Guidi.
Mohammad Al Bedaiwi uses the web to make himself available to non-Muslims and chat with them, face-to-face, about Islam.

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Caption: Fernandita Quipildor plays with her friends. She's 12 years old and HIV-positive., Credit: Photo by Roberto (Bear) Guerra.
The South American country of Bolivia has the lowest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the region. But its mix of tradition and cultural diversity are proving...

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Caption: Workers sort through garbage at the Carrefour-Feuilles recycling plant funded by India, Brazil and South Africa., Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
Brazil, South Africa and India are joining forces to clean up Haiti. In a partnership dubbed the “South-South” cooperation, they’re overhauling Hai...

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Caption: Women sell produce and used clothes at a street market in Lenbe, Haiti., Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
The idea is simple: Haitian women take a small loan and commit to improving their family’s standard of living. The better they do, the more money t...

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Caption: Haitian police recruits during target practice., Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
Training a police force in Haiti has been a huge challenge for the United Nations mission there. It’s working with the remnants of a force with a n...

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Caption: Cuban, Haitian and Venezuelan volunteers sort through food donations in Port-au-Prince., Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
In comparison to the help that Haiti receives from its major donors, Venezuela's aid is minimal. But it's hugely symbolic for Haiti.

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Caption: A woman walks past the entrance to the Doctors Without Borders clinic in Complexo do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro, Credit: Roberto (Bear) Guerra
The first clinic for direct and indirect victims of violence opens in one of Rio de Janeiro's most dangerous slums.

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Caption: Moises Tiana during a clown performance in Pisco, Peru, Credit: Roberto "Bear" Guerra
A troupe of Spanish clowns visited Pisco, Peru, after a devastating earthquake. They were followed around by children, doctors and psychologists.

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Caption: A Chavez supporter holds a sign during a rally in Caracas, Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
In Venezuela, slogans are supposed to influence how the people feel about their president.

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Caption: Teacher Kevin Gillion gives Spanish lessons, Credit: Ruxandra Guidi
Against a backdrop of failing public schools throughout the state of Texas, there is a new program at Austin High School showing new initiative. It...

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Caption: Bolivian police seize a ton of cocaine, Credit: Roberto "Bear" Guerra
Bolivia's controversial "Coca Yes, Cocaine No" program" is designed to fight illegal cocaine production and trafficking, while allowing the cultiva...

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Caption: A farmer harvests coca leaves in Los Yungas, Bolivia, Credit: Roberto "Bear" Guerra
The government of Bolivia would like it understood that it is not in the cocaine business. It's in the coca business.

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Caption: "Autos Katrina" are taken into Bolivia from Chile, Credit: Ruxandra guidi
Over the last 6 months, cars damaged by Hurricane Katrina and discarded by the U.S., have been ending up in Bolivia.

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