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Caption: Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts
Perhaps Jane Fonda defined the workout video in the 80s, but, boy oh boy, things have changed! Meet Mike Chang, YouTube sensation and multimillion ...

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We take you to the Quick Quilting Capital of the World to see how one family’s YouTube videos are not just building a business—they’re rebuilding a...

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Caption: Sondra talking to photog, Credit: Sondra Celli
Gypsy bling, James Bond, Google Trends and brilliant business owners turn passion and personality into profit.

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Caption: Sondra Celli discusses a dress design with Carol, Credit: Sondra Celli
Turn on the television at any hour, and you're bound to find a reality television show on. Many of these shows feature businesses - there are shows...

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Caption: Andy Schneider hosted a lecture and book signing of "The Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Keeping Chickens" on Sunday at Tractor Supply Co. Schneider is the host of an internet radio show called "Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer" and the editor-in-, Credit: Katie Bell, the Missourian
Andy Schneider IS the Chicken Whisperer. He doesn't profess to talk to chickens, but he does know everything you need to raise backyard poultry AND...

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Caption: Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Officer, Credit: Louisa Jonas
Every single Thursday for the last five years Trish Witkowski has uploaded a video just meant for the few thousand people in the world that design ...

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Caption: Thru-You YouTube Music Mash-up from User Generated Content, Credit: / Kutiman
Mash-ups (creating new art works from existing creative pieces) have been around for at least two decades, but the digital universe has helped this...

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Caption: Matisyahu, Credit:
Matisyahu, a Hasidic Jew from White Plains, New York has built personal relationships online that have propelled him all the way to the Winter Olym...

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Caption: Virtual Goods (via homepage), Credit:
Why are real people paying real money for products that don’t exist? And can this monetize networking sites? Jim Cosco gets to the bottom of it wit...

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Caption: TheOatmeal Cartoon Frame, Credit:
Remember the Farside comics? Here's an interview with the Farside 2.0

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Caption: Keyboard Cat, Credit: Via
Exploring internet memes with Jamie Wilkinson from Know Your Meme — what are they? how do they develop?

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Caption: Yelp's iPhone App in Action, Credit:
Eric Singley, Yelp’s Product Manager who has been working on Yelp’s iPhone app, walks us through the augmented reality (AR) experience they’re brin...

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