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A Great Piece

I would never have heard of Cliff Robertson had not one of my neighbors mentioned “Cliff Robertson” more than a few times over the past 50 or so years. So when I had an opportunity to sit next to “Cliff Robertson” at a movie festival in Colorado, I did. You know how 80-year-old people might each give you their own version of something that happened 60 years ago so of course my first comment was, “For 50 years my neighbor Priscilla has boasted that you used to room with her in New York City.” He said, “Oh yes, I was dating her roommate. Priscilla married some Maine lawyer who was going to Boston University….” And he carried on from there. Gave me the same story I’d heard over and over from Priscilla and more. The man blew me away. You’d think he was talking about yesterday. He has a fantastic memory. He is funny. He’s witty. You can hear it in this piece. Cliff Robertson is a gentleman. He is a national treasure.

By the way, those are wicked changes in that arrangement of “It Never Entered My Mind.”

Good Work.

The humble Farmer