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climate change in the arabian peninsula

Terrascope Radio brings together an impressive collection of student journalists, interviewees, and settings (Abu Dhabi & a post-climate-change future!) to bring life to a startling new planning project of the United Arab Emirates. The piece draws listeners in with the frame narrative of teens from a climate-wrecked future traveling back in time, using an entertaining palette of sound effects and bantering. The transition from being transported into the middle of the desert to joining a tour group is especially clever.

As we learn more about the Masdar City project, I found myself wishing for more details about the project -- who will live there? What types of research will the project generate? What are some criticisms of this type of city planning, and how are the planners anticipating and addressing those criticisms?

This piece benefits from enthusiastic acting, a clever mashup of radio styles&techniques, and the strong pairing of a surprising planning project with the climate change concept of 'making a difference before it is too late.'It's a great, fresh take at environmental themes; make sure it to save it a spot on your playlist!