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the endless demand to 'buy green!': a youth response

"Greenwashing and Consumerism: Why Walmart Doesn't Care" is an engaging radio short on how companies use 'green consumerism' to their advantage, and how youth like producer Isaac Woodbury High are responding. Highlights of the piece include wonderful music selections (both Kermit AND Fugazi!), Isaac's thoughtful questions and first-person narration, and some wonderful anecdotes and analysis from the interviewee, John Rooks. Though the pacing of the piece was occasionally slow (I can imagine this piece a minute or two shorter,) I felt quite drawn in as a listener.

One thing that would help this piece is better framing of the interview. As the interviewee is central in the piece, we should be introduced to him a little earlier on. Though he provides thoughtful contemplation of 'greenwashing' and his role as a consumer, Isaac rarely comments directly on what Rooks has to say. Does Isaac agree that authenticity is most important when it comes to greenwashing? Rooks seems to praise Walmart for being authentic about its profit motives, whereas the title Isaac chose for the piece suggests that Isaac condemns Walmart for being insincere. Perhaps Isaac is still not 100% what he thinks about Walmart - he openly asks the listener if being a green consumer is even possible. But a better framing of the interview would help the listener place Rooks' comments in context. I would have loved to hear a little more about Rooks' job, for example, and in what manner he acts on his opinions.

Isaac has a knack for great sound and compelling narration, and both shine in this piece. For a youth response to the Greening of our supermarkets and just about everything else, check out this piece.