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Playlist: Todd Bookman's Portfolio

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Lights, Camera...Date!

From Todd Bookman | 11:28

When Ryan's date looked nothing like her online profile, he wasn't surprised.


Misrepresentation is simply part of the internet dating game. A few pounds here, a few pounds there...everyone does it. But when Ryan learns that the girl who arrived for the date wasn't even the girl from the profile, and that 9 million viewers were watching his reaction, he felt things had gone a little too far.

Retro Product Proves Recession Proof

From Todd Bookman | 03:46

A family business named Sarah's Hat Boxes is surviving the Great Recession, despite selling a product more befitting an era defined by the Great Depression.

Serendipity-hat-boxes-2334-p_small INTRO:  Few products are selling in this economy. Sure, iPhones are still moving. But for a lot of companies, innovation and I-P-Os have been sidetracked by cost cutting and layoffs. That’s part of what makes the survival of a company named ‘Sarah's Hat Boxes’ so unique. Based in Hancock, New Hampshire, their up-scale hat boxes seem more appropriate for an era defined by the Great Depression, rather than the Great Recession.

Boots Worth the Trek

From Todd Bookman | 03:16

Tucked in the woods of Intervale, New Hampshire, the Limmer Boot Company has been handcrafting custom hiking boots for 91-years. Despite a steep price tag and an 18-month waiting list, the durable boots are worshiped by avid hikers around the globe.

320669573_75de8feb7a_small INTRO: As the weather turns warm, hikers are flocking to places like the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Those in need of some new boots may want to stop off in the tiny village of Intervale, nestled on the eastern edge of the range. There, you'll find Pete Limmer more than happy to make you a custom pair. Producer Todd Bookman has more on this modern-day bootmaker.

Voices come from:
Peter Limmer, Proprietor
Ken Smith, Shop Assistant
Jack Tracy, Customer

Ice Divers See Quiet, Compelling World Under the Surface

From Todd Bookman | 04:03

Despite the rising temperatures, a thick coat of ice remains on many northern lakes and ponds. For ice divers, now is a great time of year to get under the surface.

Dean_ferranti_all_good_small This story looks at the 'why' and 'how' of winter ice diving. Voices come from:

Matt Goodwin, active ice diver
Andy Fisher, Captain of New Hampshire's Meadowood Underwater Rescue Team
Ted Aldrich, veteran ice diver and instructor