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Comment for "DHARAMSALA MASALA: A Walk Through the Dalai Lama's Backyard"

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Review of DHARAMSALA MASALA: A Walk Through the Dalai Lama's Backyard

What a wonderful, sound-rich story! Full of fascinating aural images, lots of voices describing this North Indian town, and the contrasts between the traditional and the contemporary. People from all over the world, who are here for all kinds of reasons; Hoping, of course, to catch a glimpse of the Dalai Lama, while munching on a Lama croissant, or dining at the Italian restaurant actually run by a Tibetan woman, while comparing Richard Gere sightings. Rebecca?s attention to details, her talented and passionate writing, makes it a both beautiful and telling mosaic worth listening to many times over. Her profound knowledge of the area, its people, culture and philosophy is obvious, and her convincing story-telling makes it easy to put my ?ears in her hands.? This is what radio is meant to be!

Comment for "Sounds Like Yesterday"

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Review of Sounds Like Yesterday

A wonderful story about, and for, radio buffs. Digging through a library of about ten thousand tapes of great radio moments. Great proof what how powerful and imaginative can be - both in years passed. And now. Terrific production!

Comment for "The Most German Day Ever"

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Review of The Most German Day Ever

Great story, VERY entertaining! Being a Swede, I enjoyed the Swedish connection, but even more so the image of "big brother" Germany. I was laughing out loud watching the power point presentation, but since I started it a little late, and it was a little out of sync with the audio, I got lost in the many amusing details. I would love it to air in Sweden as well!