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Comment for "The Trick That Turned Skateboarding Upside Down"

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Great piece, Andrew. And congrats on most licensed debut producer!

Comment for "Glass not Glitter"

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Gave me shivers

Heard this piece at Third Coast and goosebumps went down my arms when the "bomb" went off. So impressive she manufactured that sound. Wow! Great job, loved it!

Comment for "Dog's Dreams"

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You're strange.

This piece is so strange. I mean, really strange. Kind of eerie. I like it!

Comment for "The ABCs of Chinese Americans "

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Well done, Helen. I love the beginning where you're describing the difference between ABCs and FOBs and the background sound mirrors what you're saying.

Comment for "Buck, Naked"

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This is a featured piece

What!? This is featured when I go to my PRX home page. You rock! I love this story. Well done.