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Caption: Helen Hunt and Snoop Dog on SNL in 1994, Credit: NBC

Faking It at Saturday Night Live (11:14)
From: Megan Sukys

Seeing Saturday Night Live live in 1994 didn't turn out to be the star-making opportunity that Megan Sukys hoped for, despite getting a ride to the cast party from Sarah ...
Caption: Megan as a Baby with her Mother and Sister, Credit: Elbert Jackson

A Gift from Beyond the Grave (07:59)
From: Megan Sukys

In the late stages of her first pregnancy, Megan Sukys encountered a complication that worried her so much she asked her late mother to send a sign that things would turn out okay.
Caption: Trimpin's Player Piano, "Klavier-Stücke", Credit: Photo by Anna Sparks; Winston Wachter Fine Art

Cool with a Capital "C": The Sound Art of Seattle's Trimpin (08:39)
From: Megan Sukys

Take the guts of two pianos, a pile of old junk, some electromagnets and wi-fi and you're halfway to creating a player piano in the style of Seattle artist, Trimpin.
Caption: The Dragon, in better days, Credit: Britton Sukys

Megan Sukys reads Edith Nesbit, "The Dragon Tamers" (1899) (32:02)
From: Megan Sukys

A blustery, gullible dragon from the ruins of a castle dungeon almost ruins a town, but instead saves a family from poverty.
Caption: Cynthia Lair, Credit: Brad Huskinson

Cookus Interruptus I: Orange Glazed Salmon Kebobs (Jane's Band Gets a Gig) (07:54)
From: KUOW

Cynthia prepares salmon kebobs while her adult daughter, Jane, mooches the car for a band gig in Pasco, Washington.