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Caption: Chloe (a little younger than 4) and her father Matt, Credit: Katy Sewall

Chloe (age 4) Loves Horror Movies (03:26)
From: Katy Sewall

Chloe loves watching horror movies. The catch: She's only four years old. How does her father feel about that? Very, very proud. Does that make him a bad parent? Judge for ...
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Radio Retrospective: Irving Berlin's White Christmas (06:25)
From: Katy Sewall

You'll never hear the song White Christmas the same way again.
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Radio Retrospective: The March of Time (05:20)
From: Katy Sewall

The 1940s pre-movie newsreel "The March of Time" reenacted news events using actors. Henry Luce called it "fakery in allegiance to the truth." The show imitated President ...
Caption: Newly born, Max Ferrer, with his parents Nicole and Sean, Credit: Katy Sewall

Natural Child Birth: There will Always be Three Now (17:14)
From: Katy Sewall

When it comes to giving birth in America, less than 1% of couples choose a "natural birth;" that is a birth with no drugs - and little to no medical intervention. Producer ...
Caption: Norman Corwin with Katy Sewall, Credit: Katy Sewall

Norman Corwin, Writer-Director From Radio's Golden Age (49:32)
From: Katy Sewall

Norman Corwin is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest writer–director–producer's of radio's Golden Age. Radio educator, Tony Palermo, says that not knowing Corwin's work ...