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Playlist: Free automated delivery series

Compiled By: PRX Editors

Curated Playlist

All of these programs are available as free weekly series through our automated delivery service. This means it shows up on your station's FTP without you downloading manually! Essentially: this means less work for you.

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

Reveal. There's more to the story...

Reveal is the Peabody Award-winning investigative journalism program for public radio from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX.

Reveal is a FREE weekly show available to all public radio stations. SUBSCRIBE ON THE RIGHT. This is a FREE program with no carriage fees.

Most recent piece in this series:

839: After Ayotzinapa: Breakthroughs and Setbacks, 9/24/2022

From Reveal | Part of the Reveal Weekly series | 59:00


Eight months after Reveal’s three-part series about the disappearance of 43 Mexican college students in 2014, the government’s investigation is in high gear. But parents of the missing still don’t have the answers they want. There have been arrests and indictments of high-profile members of the military, and even the country’s former attorney general. But no one has been convicted, and the remains of only a handful of students have been identified. 

In the first segment, we relive the night of the attack on the students, and chronicle the previous government’s flawed investigation into the crime. We meet independent investigators who succeeded in getting close to the truth, then fled the country for their safety. 

Then we explore how the election of a new Mexican government led to a new investigation led by Omag Gomez Trejo, a young lawyer who pledged to expose the truth about the crime. 

We end with a conversation with Reveal’s Anayansi Diaz Cortes and Kate Doyle, from the National Security Archive. They bring us up to date on what’s happened with the investigation since we aired our three-part series, After Ayotzinapa.

Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio (Series)

Produced by Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio transforms how we think about food and cooking. From street food in Thailand to a bakery in a Syrian refugee camp to how one scientist uses state of the art pollen analysis to track the origins of honey (and also to solve cold murder cases), Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio goes anywhere and everywhere to ask questions and get answers about cooking, food, culture, wine, farming, restaurants, literature, and the lives and cultures of the people who grow, produce, and create the food we eat. With a four-star cast of contributors including Sara Moulton (long-time public television host and cookbook author), Adam Gopnik (contributing writer for The New Yorker), Stephen Meuse (wine writer and expert), Dan Pashman (host of The Sporkful podcast) and host Christopher Kimball (founder of Cook’s Magazine, long-time public TV and Radio host, and founder of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street).

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio is distributed by PRX and recorded in the studios of WGBH.

Most recent piece in this series:

625: Butter Cows, Ugly Cakes and Blue Ribbons: Welcome to the State Fair!, 9/22/2022

From Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio | Part of the Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio series | 54:00

Msl_radio_logo_cobrand_prx_small We dive into the world of state, county and agricultural fairs with Marla Calico to learn about their history, impact and why roast beef sundaes are all the rage at fairgrounds across the country. Plus, we head to the Iowa State Fair to meet the woman who carves cows out of butter and the kids striving to create the world’s ugliest cake. We also get a crash course in wine from sommelier André Hueston Mack and we make Eggplant and Tahini Dip. 

Bioneers - Revolution From the Heart of Nature (Series)

Produced by Bioneers

The Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature is an award-winning 13-part annual radio series.

Most recent piece in this series:

03-18: Climbing Out of the Man Box: What Does Healthy Manhood Look Like?, 9/28/2022

From Bioneers | Part of the Bioneers - Revolution From the Heart of Nature series | 28:30

Kevin_powell_075_-_wo_small There is a growing movement to redefine manhood, and to address ways that violence is baked into our cultural expectations of masculinity. Courageous, visionary men are rising to the challenge. One of those men is activist, writer and public speaker Kevin Powell. In this half-hour, Powell boldly and bravely discusses his experiences with toxic masculinity and his journey to redefine what it means to be a man.

Folk Alley Weekly (Series)

Produced by WKSU

Subscribable series for the weekly show.

Weekly show. Free to stations. Available to air as a one- or two-hour program. Folk Alley host Elena See collects the best in traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the latest releases, classics, exclusive Folk Alley in-studio and live concert recordings. Two discreet hours each week.

Most recent piece in this series:

Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

NEW DW SERIES begins SEPT 26, 2016.
Classical performances captured live and featuring some of the world's classical stars performing in Germany's palaces, churches, and concert halls - a front row seat is reserved for your listeners.

Broadcast rights allow PRX subscriber stations to use any or all of the programs in the series that have been already been published, or subscribe to the series to receive the files automatically each week.

Most recent piece in this series:

DWFC: 2022-01:Leipzig Bach Festival – "Father and Son" (opening concert), 10/3/2022

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts series | 01:57:58

Bachfest_er__ffnung_small Like father, like son – or so the saying goes. But how true does this hold for Johann Sebastian Bach and his son Carl Philipp Emanuel? The opening concert of the 2022 Leipzig Bach Festival presents cantatas and passions by the two composers, and while Johann Sebastian may be more famous today, Carl Philipp Emanuel was actually better known in his time. Andreas Reize, the new music director at St. Thomas Church, leads the St. Thomas boys' choir and the world-renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra in a performance that gives the audience a unique chance to hear what unites Bach father and son, but also what sets them apart.

Inside Europe: News and Current Affairs ~ Weekly from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

Inside Europe - get the inside take on European affairs... Deutsche Welle's weekly news magazine that explores the topical issues shaping the continent. No other part of the globe has experienced such dynamic political and social change in recent years.

Most recent piece in this series:

Inside Europe, 9/23/2022

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the Inside Europe: News and Current Affairs ~ Weekly from DW series | 59:00


The security situation in Europe is critical following Vladimir Putin’s an-nouncement of Russia’s first military draft since the second world war. The conscription at this stage will be partial - applying only to reservists. Mean-while, Putin has stepped up his nuclear rhetoric, threatening that he is pre-pared to “use all means” to defend the territorial integrity of Russia which, pending the results of hastily-called elections in Russian-controlled regions,

could soon be interpreted as including about 15 percent of Ukrainian terri-tory. In order to make sense of what’s going on and what it all might mean going forwards, Kate Laycock turned to Dr. Hanna Notte, Senior Research Associate with the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation.

American Parlor Songbook (Series)

Produced by American Parlor Songbook

American Parlor Songbook is a radio variety program based in Southern California.

Most recent piece in this series:

APS 611: Words With Fiends, 9/23/2022

From American Parlor Songbook | Part of the American Parlor Songbook series | 52:00

480x270_32524_medium_small We'll twist our tongues on an episode about words and communication. John Pate returns with a tale of southern idioms, and Canadian singer Ben Wilkens brings us his thoughtful piano ballads. 

Ozark Highlands Radio (Series)

Produced by Ozark Highlands Radio

Ozark Highlands Radio features exclusive live recordings, artist interviews and feature host segments. No carriage fees, ever. 40 original shows, 12 evergreens and a yearly generic fundraiser.

Most recent piece in this series:

OHR167: OHR Presents: Songs of Farewell, 10/3/2022

From Ozark Highlands Radio | Part of the Ozark Highlands Radio series | 58:59

Lula_wiles_prx_small Ozark Highlands Radio is a weekly radio program that features live music and interviews recorded at Ozark Folk Center State Park’s beautiful 1,000-seat auditorium in Mountain View, Arkansas.  In addition to the music, our “Feature Host” segments take listeners through the Ozark hills with historians, authors, and personalities who explore the people, stories, and history of the Ozark region.

This week, songs about saying goodbye performed by a variety of artists recorded live at Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Farewells have produced some of our most powerful and emotional works of art.  Goodbye is a theme endlessly explored in paintings, sculpture, literature and film.  Music is no different.  In this episode, we’ll hear songs of farewell written for everything from beloved people, to places, careers, innocence, life, and even a horse.  Featured are experimental folk ensemble Jayme Stone & the Lomax Project with Moira Smiley, renowned cowboy singer Don Edwards, the Paul Brock Band with Dennis Carey & Dave Curley, Smithsonian Folkways artists Anna & Elizabeth, Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser with cellist Natalie Haas, Texas swing and bluegrass phenomenon The Purple Hulls, John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Smithsonian Folkways artists Lula Wiles, traditional fiddler Bruce Molsky, folk singer and actor Joe Purdy & friends, and ubiquitous cowboy cadre Riders in the Sky.

In this week’s “From the Vault” segment, musician, educator, and country music legacy Mark Jones offers an archival recording of Ozark original Bob Blair performing the traditional song “Who Will Sing?” from the Ozark Folk Center State Park archives.

Renowned folk musician Aubrey Atwater presents songs about home.  Leaving home, missing home, and going home are all themes of Aubrey’s segment this week.

NEXT (Series)

Produced by WNPR Connecticut

NEXT is a weekly, hour-long radio show and podcast exploring the rapid changes in New England, one of the oldest parts of the nation. This feed is for stations that subscribe to the weekly show.

Most recent piece in this series:


From WNPR Connecticut | Part of the NEXT series | 50:00

WNPR Connecticut


Seg A: 11.25
Credit (CPB) 0.5
Todd Bookman - Restaurants Workforce 5.75
Fred Bever - Seafood Prices 5

Seg B: 19.75
Credit (Common Sense Fund, Stone Family) 0.25
Adrian Ma - A Year Since George Floyd's Death 8.25
Porsha Olayiwola 9.5
Alvaro listener comment 1.75

Seg C: 18
Credit (Merck Fund, Melville) 0.5
Vanessa - future of collaborative 4.5
Lake Street Dive 2way 12
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